Breast Lift Techniques to Help You Get Rid of Sag

Breast lift is a cosmetic surgical technique which is used to improve the breast profile of a woman who may be having sagging or drooping breasts. The technique can be employed on any area of a woman's body including her armpits, shoulders, back, buttocks, neck, or face. The lift procedure can change the entire appearance and size of a woman's breasts. Mastopexy is also the medical name given to this cosmetic surgery, whereby the surgeon reduces the hanging or saggy nature of a woman's breasts by modifying and altering the volume, shape, and elevation of her breasts.

In most cases, the aesthetic benefit of breast lift is seen in women with a naturally smaller than average bust size. Usually this occurs after the effects of pregnancy, nursing, or aging have taken their toll on the bust. However, some women with naturally small breasts still find that they would like larger breasts. If this is the case, the procedure can help to achieve that desired result. A breast Newport Beach breast lift procedure can be performed using different techniques including the inframammary fold, vertical, or horizontal incision techniques. Depending on the cosmetic surgeons, they can use either the inframammary fold or the vertical crease technique.

Most patients who have undergone this type of surgical treatment say that the benefits from the procedure are long lasting. Women who have had breast lift, as compared to those who have not, report less pain after two weeks of treatment. Additionally, patients experience lesser swelling and redness for about two weeks after the lifting operation. Some patients will experience a slight alteration in the shape of their breasts and the nipple area after the breast lift has been performed. However, this should decrease after two weeks.

It is important to note that women who have just gone through the piezosurgery should avoid taking aspirin to reduce the risk of bleeding and infection. Since you are going to have a scar, you have to follow the pre and post surgical instructions given by your surgeon. Moreover, if you have a history of breast cancer, you have to avoid getting any weigh loss medicine right away after the surgery. Take a three weeks break from your regular weight loss and exercise routine. You can ask your doctor for advice on what to do next.

Two of the most common benefits from a breast lift procedure are the removal of saggy area and the dark area surrounding the areola. In addition to these two major benefits, there are also some minor benefits such as the elimination of slumping and lifting the cup size. If you want, you can choose to get it done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Some doctors prefer to have you come in anesthetized because it can prevent complications such as infection and bleeding.

The total recovery time depends on the extent of the procedure done and on how you carry out post-surgical activities. Usually, it takes two weeks to recover from a breast lift but you can increase the time of recovery by following your doctor's advice and by using appropriate post-operative support bra. You can use this special bra for one week after the procedure and can wear it for another one week. Take a look at this site: to discover more about this topic.

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